FanFic Friday: What we’re reading

Happy Friday! Today, the whole FanFic Friday team is sharing what we’ve been reading—fic, books, newspapers… I kid, I kid, no one reads newspapers anymore. Annie and I used to do these types of posts in those first dark days of my fic break; we thought it would be fun to bring the feature back (cue Annie saying “the feature’s dead Angela”) and have the whole team tell you what they’ve been reading over the past few weeks [Annie: *swinging earbuds* I need your playlists]. These aren’t necessarily reccs but you will most likely find something new to check out! I’ll go first. 🙂

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Ok so by now everyone has had time to get a copy of Outlander and read at least the 1st two chapters right? Good then let’s begin.                                                                               I will admit that the first time I read the book I wasn’t crazy about the first two chapters. Not because they aren’t well written, but because I’m one of those impatient readers who has a hard time with author set up. I know, I know… all the authors are running and screaming curse words right now because I said that. Sorry! Even tho I know it’s necessary sometimes I just find it tedious. If you felt this way I give a word of caution because there is something very important in chapter one, and I totally missed it. Not once mind you, but twice.                                                                                                                                       It wasn’t until I read ‘The Outlandish Companion’ (which I highly recommend) that I paid attention to the ghost. The ghost is very important, so if you skipped over that…GO BACK and REREAD. Keep it in your head for future reference 😉                                                       Now that we have that out of the way, chapters 1 and 2 are the introduction to Claire and Frank Randall, and why these two Brits are in Scotland after WW II.                                     I like Claire. She seems interesting and someone I’d like to know better. Frank on the other hand is not my kind of guy so far. Usually I like arrogance in my fictional men…actually I find it kinda arousing, but not in this case. Go figure.                                                                I do like the secondary characters Mrs. Graham and the Reverend Wakefield, and I want you to remember Frank’s ancestor who you learn about. Yep I’m talking about Black Jack Randall. Now there’s a name you know is going to provide good story material aye?             As we end chapter 2 we are at the stone circle…the stones are making a noise…Claire touches them…staggers away…is drawn toward the cleft in the middle and…

Yup that’s where we stop for now. Read on. See you back here in a few days 🙂

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Outlander Rekilt

Starting the week of August 1st  in celebration of the 20th anniversary I’m planning on rekilting Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll stop with book one or continue on, but usually once I start I gotta keep going. I’ll be doing status updates, as well as posting some trivia, favorite quotes/lines, Diana updates, and more. If you haven’t read this book yet, now is a great time to start, and you’ll have time to get yourself a copy. If you already have then come rekilt with me. The more the merrier.

p.s. A rekilt is the same thing as a reread.

Outlander Rekilt