FanFic Friday: Annie and I are Vamping it up! Our favourite Vamp Works in Progress

Happy Day-Before-the-Weekend and welcome back to FanFic Friday! *throws blood-red confetti and dims the lights* Today… we’re talking vamp fic. Darkwards… *shiver*

I hear the same story from fic readers over and over. They read Twilight, devoured the series, discovered Midnight Sun online, reread the series, looked around at their Edward-less world and cried, “I honestly don’t know how to live without him! What now?”

Twilight Fan Fiction, that’s what.

Many of us simply weren’t ready to leave the Twilight world and turned to “extension” stories like Lolashoes’ “Let Your Light Shine” or Laura Cullen’s “The List”. I know I did. These stories also bridged the gap for women who were left not “fully satisfied” by the Young Adult version of Bella and Edward’s relationship.

Once in the fic world, the sky’s the limit. There are all human stories, cross-overs, non canon pairings… just about anything down to and including Hucows (don’t ask – actually ask if you’re curious, lol) and tentacle porn (don’t ask – for real this time).

Yet, some of us *side eyes Annie* return to Vamp fiction. For me, Edward is the reason I love Twilight and vamp fan fic let’s me relive that initial feeling. I also love all the “different” Edwards. What if he drinks blood? What if he doesn’t live with the Cullens? Most authors retain the things we love most about Edward; his intelligence, his passion, his beauty, his struggle to control himself (or not as the case may be). Vampward is all about the danger fantasy. Will he kill her? Will he change her? Will he break her during sexy time? 😉

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