Wordless Wednesday…HOLLAH!

Has it really been three weeks since my last WW?!? *checks the calendar* Why yes…yes it has. My sincere apologies for keeping you from the pretties for so long 😉

Ok…lemme try and make it up to y’all…

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Wordless Wednesday…Buffet…

Do you ever like to go to those all you can eat buffet kind of restaurants?!? O…me too. So today I thought I’d offer y’all a variety of eye candy…a man smorgasbord…Enjoy!

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Coming Up This Week…

I announced it on Twitter but I know that many of you don’t use that particular social gathering place, so I’ll let you know here… Sometime early on Saturday morning we went over the 100,000 site visit mark. Whether you’re an “old” follower or a new one, my team and I want to thank you all!

Now let’s see What’s Coming Up This Week

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Q and A with Dr. Ivan and Everly…

Alright Ladies…

Y’all know how much we love seeing Dr. Ivan on the Wordless Wednesday posts right?!?

AND…y’all know the book Dr. Ivan and Everly co-authored, The Winemaker’s Dinner is coming out July 31st right?!?

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Book Blogger Confessions (#7)…

Book Blogger Confessions is a biweekly meme hosted by  Tiger’s All Consuming Media or For What It’s Worth

June 4th: Choosing your next book. How do you decide which book to read next? How do you balance “review” reading with “fun” reading?

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