FanFic Friday: Debb and Annie have a Free For All from *gasp* other fandoms!

Hello and Happy Friday!

Katie is taking a wee break while she recovers from her move so Annie and I have teamed back up this week for a special Free For All Fan Fic Friday (say it, out loud, five times fast). We hope you’ll indulge us as we go a little off the beaten path. And by off the beaten path, we mean *looks around, whispers* not Twi fic.

I know, right? Don’t worry, we’veĀ both included a Twi choice for those of you with “hard limits”.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love Twi fan fic. It’s just that, every once in a while, we read a lil sumpin sumpin else. At first we were all “feel dirty about it, feels like it’s wrong” but after a few false starts (erm, I’m scarred by a Tony Stark fic) we were sharing some quality fic from other fandoms. Hence, the Free For All. Annie and I are just going to lay it all out there so you can judge us. šŸ˜‰

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FanFic Friday: Departures and Figmentum

Hey there, It’s me, Annie, all by my little self here. Today, I’ve got two great WIPs for you. I know, I know, many of you are ‘complete’ only. I understand, believe me. If you stay ’til the end I’ll have something for you too, deal?


Departures by TheFicChick
“Every day for the rest of my life, I will wonder how kissing a virtual stranger goodbye could have felt like a hello.”

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FanFic Friday: Seventh & Pine, and Practice to Deceive

Seventh and Pine by iambeagle
Eating food, drinking beer, and watching football are acceptable ways to spend your Thanksgiving Day. Wooing your niece’s insanely attractive babysitter, however, is not. EPOV

FanFic Friday: From BD2 to AU

I am hoping by now, everyone who is reading this, has seen the final movie in the Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn Part 2. (Rob’s right. I donā€™t like that word either. Saga. It does sound like an old person. LOL) I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it though, so if you need to, skip down past the first image, and start there. I won’t blame you, if you want to stare at the image for moment though. *giggle* I loved the close ups of Bella kissing all over Edward’s neck and face. Yum.Ā  I am so digressing here.

If I ever get to meet Bill Condon, the director, I would hug him and thank him for such an amazing final movie. It’s obvious that he loved the books and the whole series as much as we fans do. Anyone else fall out of their seats in shock, and feel like their hearts were going to end up in their laps at the shocking twist near the end? I actually felt numb, and zoned out for a minute or two. I personally think that it made the movie better. What about the end credits? Sob fest, right? I think I cried more at my third viewing. It finally hit me that this is it. There will be no more movies to wait for and talk about. *heavy sigh* I am glad for the actors and the author that everything ended on a high note for them. They deserve much success in their futures.

As Bella said, “I’ll never get enough of this.” I completely agree!

At any rate, the movie made me want to dive head first into my TBR list of AU stories. So I thought I would share with you what I am reading right now, and some new favorites as well.

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FanFic Friday Lite

Since most people are probably at a theater right now, watching Breaking Dawn 2, (including myself) this will not be a big and important post. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t read anything that I want to share with you though.

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FanFic Friday: A Pound of Flesh

A Pound of Flesh by jaxon22.

This story is worth dedicating a whole post to it. It’s that good, people.

So, where to begin with this oneā€¦ I guess maybe, how I found out about it. My dear friend, Smitten Kitten, mentioned this story to me over a year ago, when we were together in NYC for the Water for Elephants premiere. I can still picture her sitting in our hotel room saying, “It’s just sooo good.” in her Texan accent. *waves, hi sweetie* She loved this story so much. My hesitation was because of the setting. Prison. Who wants to read about Edward in prison? Not me, but now that I’ve read it, it’s not really about that. Yeah, he starts out in prison, and that’s how he meets Bella, but of course it’s about so much more.

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FanFic Friday: Our Favourite Musical Edward’s

God, he’s so purdy…ain’t he?

So Katiebird, Annie and I have decided to do a “Favourite Edward” post once each month…and for this month we have decided to share our Favourite Musical Edward’s.

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FanFic Friday: Friends With Benefits

So I’m going to rec. two stories that kind of fit in with the “friendsĀ with benefits” theme, though maybe more loosely. LOL In theĀ first story, they become friends for the sole purpose of havingĀ sex.

First, Amethyst Jackson wrote a high school fic called TheĀ Learning Curve.

Bella wants to lose her virginity to someone better than herĀ current boyfriend, Mike. She sets her sights on Edward Cullen,Ā because he’s gorgeous of course, but he also has experience. HisĀ reputation precedes him. She decides he is the best man for theĀ job. Now to get him to agreeā€¦

Pic/scene on AJ’sĀ profile for this story. Love this sceneā€¦

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FanFic Friday: Exploring the Dark Side of AU

Dog Star by spanglemaker9
One choice is made and everything changes. Paths diverge, lead astray, and still lead home. AU. Complete.

What if Edward didn’t come back from Denali after his first encounter with Bella? This is the question spanglemaker9 asks and answers in Dog Star, a very canon-y, AU, multi-chap story.

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Fanfic Friday: Redemption

I recently read an AU story that reminded me of what brought me to fan fiction and ultimately what made me fall in love with the original Twilight story. Redemption. When I think back to what I was feeling when I finished reading the series the first time, I remember that last scene, when Bella lets her shield down long enough to reveal to Edward her feelings, thoughts and experiences of their relationship through her eyes. He finally got to see what she saw in him. Love. Being worthy of that kind of love. Just thinking about it now, as I write this, makes me tear up and swallow the lump forming in my throat. I know, I’m being sappy. Don’t think I haven’t noticed, that the trailers for the final movie haven’t even remotely addressed this scene. As cool as it looks to see Edward locking eyes with Bella, before picking her up one-handed and swinging her around, using her as a weapon in this all-compassing fight scene, I know that’s NOT in the book.

Wow, I’m seriously digressing hereā€¦

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