Illustrated Temptations: Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan


Hi guys! So it’s been almost a year since author Mia Sheridan hit the publish button for one of her best-selling book—Archer’s Voice.
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Illustrated Temptations: Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren


The BB Girls are back!!!! Christina Lauren–one, rather two of my favorite authors. Are you kidding me? I FLOVED the Beautiful Bastard series and now…Sweet.Filthy.Boy. *dreamy swoony sigh* I don’t know where to start because TBH all I can say is I LOVE LOVE LOVED Ansel–the male hero in this book. He’s sexy, charming, hot, French-American guy, and did I already mention that he’s sexy and hot?! Oh well, check out Tamie‘s awesome 5’melting heart review here.

Meanwhile, some illustrations to pique your interest.

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Illustrated Temptations: Monster in His Eyes (Book 1) by J. M. Darhower



See that quote up there, that’s what this book did to me. I am totally HOOKED! Obsessed even. J. M. Darhower nails it again!!! We love love love this author so much! She’s one of a kind! Those moments when you hear her name and you’ll remember all her characters in a heartbeat! And she did it again.

Monster in His Eyes (Book 1) is just so ooohh-mazing-hot-delicious-romantic-suspense that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. As usual I’m not eloquent enough how awesome this book was written so just head over Elena’s review HERE.

For now, enjoy the illustrations… Afterwards, make sure that you one-click the link! You don’t wanna miss something that is beautifully written by one of my all time favorite talented author. *wink, wink*

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Illustrated Temptations: Twisted by Emma Chase


Happy Wednesday peeps!!!

Raise your hand if you FLOVE Drew Evans!!! 😉

You’re in for a treat. Have a pREVIEW of the newly released 2nd book from the Tangled SeriesTwisted by Emma Chase.







Check out my other bookish babe’s awesomesauce review!

Katiebird‘s review
Tamie‘s review

And of course, this book has earned a 5 blazing heart ratings from me.

x gel


Illustrated Temptations: Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting


Hi Peeps! Happy Wednesday to all.

I’m back to give you more reasons why you should 1-click Helena Hunting’s newly released book–Clipped Wings.

I FLOVED this book. The story is compelling, truly interesting and of course amazingly written. I loved the fact that it was written from both characters perspectives. You can read more about how awesomesauce the book is by reading  Tamie’s review here.

Now check out my illustrations for this book that I love…

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Illustrated Temptations: The Plan by Qwen Salsbury


Hey guys! Whatcha reading today? Can I pique your interest into reading something new and awesome. Of course, yes! So be my guest.;))

We’ve been celebrating this week the release of a new, exciting book from Qwen SalsburyThe Plan. Check out Katiebird’s review here and Tamie’s review + giveaway here. Oh plus get to know the author from the bonus interview by Katiebird.

So, ready for a visual? Here you go…

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Valentine’s Week: A Love Letter from Quinn (Before You Break by Christina Lee) with GIVEAWAY!

Next week a fabulous book is releasing. Before You Break by Christina Lee is publishing on February 18th, and I’m very excited that you’ll finally get to meet Quinn. He’ll be on your book boyfriend list for sure. Christina managed to get us a love letter he wrote to Ella, so we’re sharing it with you…

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Illustrated Temptations: Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia



Feels like forever waiting for this book! I can honestly say that Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia was one of my MOST anticipated book of 2013. And boy was it all worth the wait? Hell YES!!! OMG. I don’t know what to say because Debra is pure awesomeness and I FMISS her boys!

You are in for a treat since I will be showing some damn pretty teasers and I hope you read the series if you haven’t.

Enjoy. *wink wink*

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Illustrated Temptations: Finding CINDERELLA by Colleen Hoover


“This is not a review, this is not a review, this is not a review.” Lol So, I think I’m gonna refer to this as a “Preview”.

As the author said “This novella is a companion novel to the Hopeless series, but can be read as a standalone.” , but of course, we at BT highly recommend Hopeless and Losing Hope because it’s an awesomesauce read.

Finding Cinderella is the story of Holder and Sky’s respective best friends Daniel and Six. They were introduced on the Hopeless Series and I am so happy they were given an absolute stunning story of their own. Well, Colleen Hoover is amazing like that. I freaking LOVED it! I read it in one sitting and to tell you honestly this is the best novella I have ever laid my eyes on this year. That feeling wherein you flip at the last page and you are wishfully thinking “please, please, more, more!”. That!

The story is a fairytale–like fast-paced, adorable, romantic, breathtaking, surprising, sexy and a bit heart wrenching at some point. I adore Daniel and Six so much, especially their exchange of banters. It’s hilarious and sweet, there is never a dull moment. It is a beautiful story.

Okay, enough of my blabbering because it almost sounds like a “review” when in fact it’s not… It’s just a “preview”. Hmmm.

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Sexy Sentence Saturday: Tangled by Emma Chase

sexy sentence saturday

Elena, Gel, and I all love Tangled by Emma Chase madly, passionately, and without reservation…check out these great lines from the book and you’ll understand why it’s my Sexy Sentence Saturday choice this week.

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