Fan Fiction Friday: Short Attention Span September

Hey there fan fic readers! Annie is a busy girl, like all of us at this time of year. BUT, she still has time to share with us what is worth reading. I love that about her, don’t you?

Let’s get right to it, shall we??

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FanFic Friday: 2013 Top Ten Lists!

Happy final Fan Fic Friday of 2013! It’s been an amazing twelve months and we are so excited to share our lists of the fics that made our year. Grab a drink, check it out, and then share your faves of the year in the comments below!

Deb: I took a long fic break this year so I’m going with a Top Five. No particular order. 🙂

35+ fics we loved in 2013… after the jump!

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Fan Fiction Friday: Melt, Bite Club and Rescission

It’s Michelle and I this week, sharing some stories that are outside of our comfort zone. The authors of these stories are known to “push the envelope”, but we trusted them enough to read their work.

Sometimes you just need to shake things up, and these stories did that for us….

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FanFic Friday: Not too big, not too small…Short reads that are just right.

Happy Friday! This is a monster of a post (ironic, considering the title lol!) Let’s jump in…Annie is up first!

Oh how I love short fics. They have a little more depth than a one-shot, but aren’t quite as complex as a full length story. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good one-shot, and sometimes there’s nothing better than getting lost in the world of a long fic. For me, however, it’s great to be able to read something in one or two sittings, to have a little break and not have to force myself to stop reading and go to bed or pick up the kids. I also like not having to wait so long for that HEA satisfied warm fuzzy feeling.

Tons of goodies, after the jump!

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