Man Candy Monday: Men at Play

Lots of our book boyfriends work hard and play hard too. This week’s Man Candy Monday is inspired by the thought that watching men at play is fun for the watchers…

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Man Candy Monday: Men in Hats…

Hey peeps! I’m still searching for my perfect Gideon Cross so feel free to send me your thoughts/links etc. Three guys who are off the table for me are David Gandy,  Henry Cavill, and Matt Bomer…I already see them as other book boyfriends, and while some like to visualize the same guy I prefer variety.

That aside I was noticing how attractive some men look wearing hats…so that’s what you’re getting today. Ready?!?

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WW with Dr. Ivan and R Pattz

Wordless Wednesday proved to be quite popular…you like hawt, beautiful men….I like finding pictures of hawt, beautiful men…it’s a perfect match 😉

Today I picked two of my favorites…just for you…


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