Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Hey peeps!

I hope you enjoyed this past week of author guest posts and giveaways as much as we did. I’ve said this before, but I think you’ll forgive me if I say it again…

Authors are to me what movie/rock stars are to others. It’s hard for me to even begin to express my appreciation to the writers that share their gifts with words and storytelling. If someone…a fairy godmother let’s say, were to give me the choice of who I’d most like to meet?!? I’d be hard pressed not to choose my favorite authors…ok, ok with the possible exceptions of Rob Pattinson and David Gandy. I am after all a living, breathing woman who appreciates the beauty of  hot guys. Rawr!

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Hope Collier Shares a Holiday Snippet from The Willows: Haven

Today, I’m happy to welcome Hope Collier, author of, The Willows: Haven to Bookish Temptations. I loved her book when I read it last year, and it made my Top 10 YA books in 2011. Guess who recommended the book? Sylvain Reynard did, and if you haven’t read it…you should.

This is Hope’s first guest post here, and I think you’ll enjoy the snippet she provided…

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Guess Who’s Coming to Bookish in December?!?

Since I haven’t been posting the What’s Coming Up on Sunday’s anymore, I thought I should tell you that we’ve been working on getting a nice list of our favorite authors to come visit Bookish Temptations during the month of December.

We’re still working on a few things, but I can share at least a partial list with you now…to whet your appetite a little bit 😉

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