Cover Reveal: Circle of Light by Jennifer DeLucy

Here’s the cover reveal of Jennifer DeLucy‘s book, Circle of Light, which is due out in October. It’s the third book in the Light series. I loved both Seers of Light, and Whisper of Light, and I look forward to reading to Jennifer’s newest book.

Book Description:

Empath and Pathcrosser to the dead, Lillian Hunt has finally come into
her own as a Sentient being. All seems well in her brave new
world…that is, until a tragic turn sends her tight-knit Sentient
group on a rescue mission through lore-infested Europe. Their goal is
to save the love of Lily’s life—vampire Sentient, William Maddox—from
both the prejudice of their own society and the dark intentions of
ancient vampires. But how will they keep hope alive, even as time runs

Circle of Light is a brilliant finale to The Light Series. DeLucy once
again delivers gripping paranormal encounters, irresistible character
interactions, and beautiful testaments to the power of pure, unselfish
love—but it all burns at a higher intensity in this concluding
adventure. Readers will come away from Circle of Light with a
satisfying sense of closure…although certain Sentients may be less
than happy with their ever after.

Book Three of the Light Series: Seers of Light, Whisper of Light, and now Circle of Light. 

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My Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

After putting myself through the trauma of choosing an order for my Top 10 Books for 2011 I decided I deserved a reprieve  for my favorite Top 10 Book covers. They are presented in no particular order, but I loved them all. Several of them were what drew my interest to the book in the 1st place.

I’m afraid in this day and age of ebook popularity that book covers aren’t given as much thought and attention as they should receive. I believe that’s a huge mistake. Whether I’m in a book store browsing,  looking online, or perusing a publishers site, I’m still drawn in by a great book cover. Sometimes it’s the colors that catch my eye, sometimes it’s the design/ picture/text, and sometimes it’s all.  I work in retail as a merchandiser when I’m not doing this, and my boss has a saying he’s fond of…It’s a 5 second decision for customers.

I don’t know how much input an author has on his/her book cover, but authors if you do have anything to say in the matter make sure your book cover speaks for you.

Alright, show time…

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Review: Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy

Jennifer DeLucy has created a unique, enchanting tale of destiny and the ageless power of love in her debut novel, Seers of Light. DeLucy’s novel charms readers with quirky characters, while sketching a haunting portrait of one woman’s journey on the path of the supernaturally gifted. But be prepared. Once you’ve entered the world of Seers, you will never be the same.

Here’s what I thought:

This story grabbed my full attention right from the start, and held on till the finish. I like that in a book. The characters are well written and the pacing is quick. I love it when a story really hits me emotionally, and Seers of Light does that. I love the paranormal genre, so I’m always pleased when I find an author that gives me something new in that arena.

There are quite a few characters in this book, so I will limit myself to the 3 main characters, Lily, William, and Christian. I like Lily. I like her a lot. I think if I met her in real life that we would be friends. She handles being thrust into a whole new life without whining. I find her courageous.  The new life includes Christian and William. I admit that I liked Christian more in the beginning, but as the story moved on and I got to know William better…I am 100% Team William now. Christian is arrogant which is a characteristic that I’m usually attracted to in my fictional men. From Christian tho it just comes across as bossy and selfish, not confident and sexy. Go figure?!? William is sensitive to Lily’s moods and needs, and that makes for one very SEXY dood.

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Tamie is reading Seers of Light (The Light Series) by Jennifer DeLucy

Hey all!

Just started reading Seers of Light  (The Light Series) by Jennifer DeLucy

One thing that caught my eye  at the authors website was this interesting tidbit:

***Amazing news! We are pleased to announce that a major movie production company has expressed interest in Jennifer DeLucy’s Seers of Light  As of now, there is nothing set in stone, but Omnific would like to extend congratulations to Jen for writing such a compelling series. We are so proud to have you with Omnific, and are eagerly anticipating the third book in the Light Series, coming this winter!***

There is also a book trailer that I thought was really well done, so I wanted to share.