Fan Fic Friday: The Other One and Covert Masquerade

It’s me this week, and I wanted to talk about two completed stories I’ve read recently that I loved!

One is a an oldie that I stumbled upon when researching BDSM stories for another post. So glad I found it!! The Other One couldn’t be more different…

red nose gif

 Just because Rob is just too cute for words, and he makes me smile.

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Fan Fiction Friday Guest Post with Meg!!

We’re back with our regularly scheduled Fan Fic posts!! We hope everyone enjoyed celebrating 3 years of Bookish Temptations with us, and want to thank all of the authors that participated with us!!

I am so excited that Michelle’s fan fic friend Meg, is doing a guest post for us this week. She loves fan fiction, and we love when people want to share what they are reading.


No reason for this pic. I just love it...

No reason for this pic. I just love it…


I will let Meg take the floor…


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Fan Fiction Friday: Short Attention Span September

Hey there fan fic readers! Annie is a busy girl, like all of us at this time of year. BUT, she still has time to share with us what is worth reading. I love that about her, don’t you?

Let’s get right to it, shall we??

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