How to Tell if You’re Reading a Really Great Book…or Not…

Wait! What?!? Don’t think I didn’t see several of you doing an epic eye roll, or that I didn’t hear some of you say…”Well duh, Tamie…I know when I’m reading a great book or not.” Hmmm…do you really?!?

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Elena’s Musings: Kindle vs Traditional Books


It feels like a never-ending battle, doesn’t it? E-books against paper books-some people favor the former, some the latter, but I’m not here to start a war. Quite the opposite actually 😉 In this post I’d like to talk about the things I like of both formats. Yes, because I love both. Peeps who follow me also on twitter know that I’m in love with my kindle, and whenever I can’t find it (yes, I’m a bit distracted) my heart almost stops. But I’ve always loved traditional books as well, because to me there’s nothing like the feel of a real book, the one you can touch with your hands – it’s as if you could really touch the story, if that makes any sense…

Both e-books and paper books have their advantages, and so I’m going to share with you what I like about both..

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