New Covers for SHADOW’S CLAIM and LOTHAIRE by Kresley Cole!


Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, has been revamping the covers of the phenomenally popular Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. Here are the latest two… Continue reading

Kresley Cole Thursdays: New Cover Reveals!

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Today, I’m part of a group who is helping to reveal 3 new covers from the phenomenally popular Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole.

Ready? GO!

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Some of our favorite Gallery and Pocket authors may be coming to a town near you during the BELLES ON WHEELS Bus Tour.

Check out the schedule and if you have the chance to attend…say hi from us 😉

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Tamie finished “A Hunger Like No Other” by Kresley Cole

As much as I’d like to review every book I read I just can’t. It takes me days to write a review or post that I’m happy with, so I have to pick and choose. What I can do tho is give a shout out or recommendation when I have a good read.

“A Hunger Like No Other” by Kresley Cole is one I’ll rec if you love fairly graphic erotica…which I do, and has a good story…which it does. It’s also paranormal which is one of my fave genres…so for me it’s a winner. This book is part of a series- Immortals After Dark. Check them out. I’ll be starting the next one soon. Enjoy. I did.

Tamie Xo