Fan Fiction Friday: Buried and More Contests

Hey there fan fic fans!! This week Michelle and Annie are in charge. They want to share what they’ve been reading and talk about some contests that you don’t want to miss. 🙂

Michelle is up first…

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Fan Fiction Friday: One Shots, One Shots, One Shots…

Hey peeps!! It’s another Fan Fic Friday here, and if you haven’t figure it out yet, we are recing. one shots today. Sometimes you just need a fix, to tide you over until the next update or new story. That’s what one shots do for me anyway. When I finish a great story that has me wondering what to read next, I will sometimes look for a one shot. Especially if the story I just finished is dark or angsty. Maybe I need some cheering up or a hot lemon to set me straight. Hey, there’s no judging here, you just take what you need. LOL

Annie and I pulled together a bunch of them, so if you need your fix for whatever reason, then here you go!!

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Fanfic Friday: One-shotpalooza! It sounds wrong, but it feels soooooo right.

Phew, we made it. It’s Friday again. Welcome back to Fanfic Friday!

Annie and I have something a little different for you today. We have saved up all our favourite one shots and are going to bombard you with them. You. Are. Welcome. lol We’ve got funny and sweet, f*ck hot and angsty. A little bit of everything. Check them all out and then be sure to get your challenge instructions at the bottom of the post. *cracks whip and gives you all the hairy eyeball*

War Zone by aftrnoondlight

Edward and Bella seek the clarity and wisdom to move on from horrific tragedy. Can they find the peace to heal in their bond? A love story as told by Edward.

Oh this story. Excitement and terror and reunion (nudges Annie) and heartbreak and… Oh how I love an ardent Edward and this one is so sweet. So persistent. But a MAN. rawr. Fantastic story, excellent pacing and compelling characters.

So much more… after the jump.

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FANFIC FRIDAY: ~ Quick and Dirty ~ Debb and Annie share their favourite one shots

Happy Friday and welcome back. This week, Annie and I are sharing a few of our favourite one shot stories. Sometimes you just feel like a quickie, right?

Seriously, I love reading one shots. I rarely fic dive for full length stories but love to troll my favourite authors’ profiles for outtakes or stand alone shorties. It’s also a good way to see if you like an unknown-to-you author’s writing style before committing to a multi-chap.

Perhaps you have committment issues? Can’t settle on an Edward to fit your mood? One shots are the amuse bouche of the fic world (not really but I’m leaving it). I’ll also own up to a short attention span; one shots give me a little Edward boost and then let me go on with my day.

So, without further ado, here are Annie’s three choices… after the jump of course!

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