Locklear Library: Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon

It’s hard to believe but, it’s been a year since our last Locklear Library installment. We really enjoy this segment and have wanted to do much more with it than we have; but therein lies the problem. Those Outlander books are big!

We read books together, which is to say that Jennifer reads them aloud while Morgan plays stick figure golf on his phone. Dragonfly In Amber, the second book in the Outlander series, is big enough to be mistaken for a family bible and we also had our hands full with the editing and publishing or our own novel. Needless to say, it was a long year that went by in a short time but during that time we have made a ton of Outlander (and OutMANder) friends.

To refresh your memory (and ours), this post will be a written conversation between us about our experiences and impressions of the book. We do our best not to disclose spoilers, but we will be talking about the story, and we have no idea what we’ll be asking each other about until now.

Morgan will go first…

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Locklear Library: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Last summer, I noticed many of my online friends were discussing a series of novels and becoming quite frenzied over it.  Knowing their collective great taste in books, I followed up and asked them about it during our vacation together in September. Seeing their enthusiasm was high and knowing a television adaptation of the story was in the works, I sat down in October to immerse myself in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Before I could finish the first book, I knew I’d found something exceptional and issued a reading challenge to Morgan.  There was no way I was going to leave him out of this incredible reading experience. I loved what I was reading so much, that I read the book a second time, out loud to Morgan.

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Tamie’s Favorites: Characters I Love to Hate (Evil Bitches)

I read a lot of books…that’s no surprise to many of you, so that means I come across many characters I dislike for various reasons and to different degrees. Join me while i tell you about more characters I love to hate…

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News on Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Scottish Prisoner’ release – Squeee!!

OMG! Did you see that Scottish Prisoner has a release date?!? I am beyond excited bcuz it’s means more Jamie for us till book 8 comes out. I’ve seen 2 different dates. On Amazon it’s Nov, but on goodreads it’s Oct. Fingers crossed for Oct.

Here’s the editorial review:

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Title of book #8 in the Outlander series revealed?

I follow Diana Gabaldon on twitter, and in case you don’t,  I just saw a tweet that grabbed my attention. It appears as tho she has a title for book # 8.

Here’s what she tweeted- Knew I forgot to tell the folks at Eagle Eye something! I have a title for Book Eight: WRITTEN WITH MY HEART’S OWN BLOOD.#WWMHOB

How excited are you for book #8? Hopefully we’re looking at a 2012 publication and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it. Don’t forget “Scottish Prisoner ” should be releasing sometime soon. More Jamie in any form is always a good thing 😉

Don’t forget I’m doing a rekilt of Outlander in honor of the 20th anniversary. I’m taking it nice and slow so join me 🙂 You can read the last update here.

Tamie Xo