Top Ten Tuesday with Elena: Favorite Movie Adaptations of Classics



Top Ten Tuesday is is an original feature/weekly meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is about classics and bloggers could spin the topic however they liked. I chose to talk about my Top Ten Movie Adaptations of Classic Novels. I personally love classics, and I think they’re really worth the read. They have so much to offer and there’s no more thought-provoking book than a classic… They have also inspired so many contemporary writers, and no matter which period we live in, classic novels are evergreen.

This is proved by the many movie adaptations of these books. Some of them are spectacular and stay true to the classic and its characters. Some others end up leaving out important themes and crucial scenes, sometimes because of the running time, sometimes because some directors favor sceneries and the visual impact instead of the actual story.

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Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: What are the books that will always remain on your shelf?

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings where we discuss a wide range of topics from books to blogging.

This week’s topic: What are the books that will always remain on your shelf?

I have a loooooong list of favorite books, but there are some of them I know I’ll never part from. Here they are:

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From Flowing Words to Moving Pictures…

You know that feeling when a book you absolutely adore gets optioned to a film, you know that feeling it’s when you feel finally you can visualize the characters and see a set.  You sit and contemplate about who should be cast as which character, who should write the script, are they going to get the right director, and so on and so on.  The sad part 9 out of 10 times the movie industry never does the book justice.  If you are like me, you get all excited see the movie and then become crushed cause well it totally missed the mark.  There are times, however, when the movie is so perfect that you can’t help but be completely engrossed and captivated.  Today I am going to talk to you about some of my favorite book to film adaptations.

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