Elena’s Musings: Why we read…

reading quote

A few months ago, I came across this beautiful article on the Huffington post website, which reports an exctract from the book “Why I read” by Wendy Lesser. I love how the author talks about the reasons why book lovers like reading so much, and why reading is such an important activity. So it got me thinking about the reasons why I read, something I’d never done before.

There’s no doubt about the fact that reading is my passion. Since when I learned how to read when I was little, I’ve always carried a book with me and I still do so, no matter where I go. I feel incomplete if I don’t have a book with me..Furthermore, if I had to choose between watching a TV show or reading a book? I’d definitely choose the latter option. So I believe that “being a bookwarm” is written in my DNA, but I’d never really thought about the reason why I love reading so much.

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