Sweet Saturday: Friendship, Forgiveness and Healing…

Happy Saturday peeps!

I had a rough week emotionally…we all have those at least now and then. The good news? That I’m getting through it. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of feeling hurt, or less than, or whatever it is you’re feeling that isn’t feeling good…it seems like you’ll feel that way forever. Happily, that just isn’t true. Time really does heal, and you begin to find your way back. At least that’s how it is for me. I’m the type of person who withdraws from others when things aren’t going well. That’s what I did this week. I withdrew and read. Reading also helps me heal because it takes my mind away from the bad stuff, so I’m not dwelling on it. I’ve said before that music is always like a soothing balm when I feel wounded. It might be the words that speak to me…it could be the instruments. I listened to a lot of different music this week as well. I’m really lucky in that I have some very good friends who reach out to me even when I withdraw…they check on me, and they let me know that I’m important to them…that I matter. . This Sweet Saturday post is dedicated to them…with love and gratitude. Lastly, to the person who caused the pain, and who didn’t reach out to say I’m sorry, who didn’t reach out at all…I forgive you. In the end…I think that helps me to heal most of all.

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