Fan Fic Friday: Annie and Michelle’s Holiday Ficstravaganza

It’s official, the holiday season has begun. Grab your favorite Edward and go!

Amenitees Twilight New Moon Christmas Yes Virginia There is an Edward Cullen t-shirt

Check out the holiday goodies, after the jump!

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Fan Fiction Friday: Edward Cullen for President

Edward Cullen for President

Cosmopolis suit

I bet that got your attention! LOL

One of my favorite TV shows is starting another season this fall. Oct. 3rd actually. It’s called Scandal. It’s fantastic, and it’s produced by Shonda Rhimes. She knows how to write about drama and chemistry, and this show in particular, is about the politics in Washington DC. I was really missing it this summer, so I went looking for stories with a political theme.

The two stories I found are amazing and totally gave me what I wanted. Intelligent characters, political intrigue, and off-the-charts sexual chemistry. I love it all, and can’t wait to share them with you.

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