Fan Fiction Friday: October post

I am so excited that Michelle is back! She’s got some great WIPs and Completed stories to read for this month!!


October? When the heck did that happen? Guess it’s time to read some AU fics to get in the mood for Halloween. I’m sure we’ll do a SPOOK-tacular post later this month. Trying to keep up with time flying by is like trying to keep up with all the great fics around here. The next thing you know, we’ll be doing a Mistletoe post. Yikes!

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Fan Fic Friday: Welcome the new girl!!

We have a really great surprise for everyone out there!! I am going to introduce you to Michelle aka AllthingsHHH this week. She has kindly stepped up to help me out with fan fic posts. I so adore her for doing this with me, so I am going to let her tell you guys about herself!!

Here she is….

As for me, I’m a reader!  My hobbies include: reading, ogling Rob pictures, reading, and stalking twitter for Rob news!  LOL.  My hubs is very kind about my love of Rob and only rolls his eyes at me on occasion.  Twilight may have brought me into this crazy fandom, but the talent of fic writers keeps me here.  I am a geek who loves Comic-Con, owner of a spoiled dog, and I don’t leave home without my iPad charged up for reading!

*happy dance* Another girl who loves Rob like me and reads fan fiction more than I do!! Yay!

So she is going to tell you about two stories that she is reading, and I’m going to share one of my own.

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