Katiebird reviews Spotlight by Krista Richmond


Spotlight by Krista Richmond

Lily Richards loves a good story. As a journalist, she’s often writing one. As a fan, she’s often reading one—especially when it’s about her favorite celebrity.

The attention he generates fascinates her. As does the role her profession plays in creating the phenomenon that is actor Daniel Brighton. Are the media to blame for the way the paparazzi chase him? Do they provide too much information about his private life to obsessive fans? And are they the cause of all the madness surrounding Daniel’s rumored relationship with a certain former costar?

Personally, Lily would much rather report on Daniel’s latest role than on his latest dining companion. And a chance encounter with the star gives her the opportunity to prove she’s not like every other journalist, or every other “fangirl.”

Nate Brennan—Daniel’s publicist—isn’t convinced of Lily’s altruistic nature. His client’s sudden preference for the no-name columnist baffles him, and when he is forced to concede to Daniel’s wishes and work with her, their professional battles soon lead to personal sparks. While Daniel and Lily grow closer, Nate finds himself caught between mistrust and attraction.

As Lily’s career slowly transitions from the newsroom of her hometown paper to the online world of entertainment media, she must find a balance between the demands of the job and the personal relationships she now holds dear.

Is a photograph worth losing a friend?

Is her next story worth losing the man she loves?

She never knew it would be so hard, standing near the glare of the Spotlight . . .

If you are looking for a light romantic read for the summer, I think this is the book for you!

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Illustrated Temptations: Captured by Jasinda and Jack Wilder + Signed Giveaway


I know, I know, it’s just Tuesday so why Gel are you flashing us your Illustrated Temptations post when it’s not Wednesday yet??? OH well, I can always make an exception for Jasinda & Jack Wilder, can’t I?! *wink* Having said that let me say CONGRATULATIONS to them because today is the release day of CAPTURED. It’s a stand-alone contemporary romance, set in the world of WOUNDED –which by the way is one of my favorite reads from Jasinda. So I’m a lucky girl to be gifted with an ARC of this book. It’s just right to show my gratitude with what I do best. 😉

What can I say, CAPTURED is just one of those incredible writings from Jasinda and Jack. It was an amazing journey filled with love, hope, forgiveness and second chances. Hard read? Yes, I guess, a bit.lol I’m not gonna deny that I’m a fan of those kind of books. It’s painful, hard to look at, gory, unnerving, heart breaking. But it’s also heart warming, passionate, romantic, steamy and HOT. And did I say HOT? Yeah! What else could you ask for? Pure bliss of emotions. That is all.

I LOVED this book. LOVED. I don’t have enough words to describe how freaking awesome the whole story was. And goodness, the way Jasinda and Jack wrote this is just unbelievably outstanding and remarkable. I won’t ever forget the images they paint in my head.  These two will surely make you cry. Most of all they will make you FEEL.

Check out my Illustrations and don’t forget to scroll down at the very end for the amazing giveaway!

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Spotlight and Signed Giveaway: (Playlist Reveal) ROGUE by Katy Evans



It’s Moanday once again and I hope that everyone is having a great morning. How about an awesome song playlist and a giveaway to brighten up your Monday. *wink*

We all know that many of our favorite authors write their novels with some inspiring music playing on the background. And it’s my pleasure to reveal the playlist for the most anticipated book this July… ROGUE–the fourth book in the REAL Series by the sweetest, nicest lady who writes the hottest, sexiest book boyfriend there is, *cough* REMY *cough*, the wonderful Katy Evans. 😉 Talking about hottest and sexiest book boyfriend, Greyson King is so F.HAWT. Not exaggerating here, but you gotta see and experience it for yourself. I hope you meet him soon because tomorrow, July 29 is his arrival!

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Author Spotlight: Christina Lee

Happy Sunday all!

Today I want to share some love for an author that became a favorite of mine last year. Her book All of You made my Best of 2013 list, and I fell in love with Bennett in a big way!

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Song of the Fireflies Blitz! Special Excerpt and Giveaway with J.A. Redmerski

a song of

Today we’re participating in the pre-launch blitz for Song of the Fireflies by J.A. Redmerski. There’s a special excerpt from the book as well as a giveaway for you to enter!

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