Musing Mondays (5/16)

THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: Name any 5 books from your “to be read” pile (even if it’s a “virtual” pile).

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The Anticipation is Killing Us…for THESE Books…

Hope everybody is having a great day. I’m looking forward to the weekend myself, but first I want to share something with you.

MmmHmm…cuz y’all know my philosophy…sharing is caring, so without further ado and all that jazz…here are our picks for the books we’re most anxiously anticipating before the end of 2013 (along with pre-order links for all the books that have them, or links to the Goodreads page for those that don’t).

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Morgan Locklear…Wordslinger: The 5 Best Stephen King Books You Never Read.

Stephen King is one of those authors whose name comes before the books, and I bet it bugs him more than anyone else.  In my opinion, he deserves his success and I’m the proud owner of every last book that creepy little fucker ever wrote.

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