Booking Through Thursday (9/8)


What’s the most mind-blowing, world-changing book you’ve ever read? (Or article, poem, whatever.)

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Katiebird reviews Life and Death Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer


Life and Death Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer

When Beaufort Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edythe Cullen, his life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With her porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice, and supernatural gifts, Edythe is both irresistible and enigmatic.

What Beau doesn’t realize is the closer he gets to her, the more he is putting himself and those around him at risk. And, it might be too late to turn back…

If you thought that this book was just “switching gender roles and name changes” on the classic storyline, you would be mistaken. Not that the story doesn’t start out that way.

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Book Beginnings on Fridays…

Rose City Reader hosts

Book Beginnings on Fridays is a meme hosted by Rose City Reader. A couple of Fridays a month, I will share the first sentence (or so) of the book I am currently reading, along with my initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires.

Last week I bought the hardcover version of the Twilight Special Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition, for a birthday present to myself. I was compelled to reread Twilight again first. This is probably my 4th or 5th read mind you. It had been years though, and I was more than pleasantly surprised at how much I still loved it! Stephanie’s descriptive writing style and her amazing characters, namely Edward Cullen still held my attention. I am now going to start Life and Death, Twilight Reimagined

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Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: What are the books that will always remain on your shelf?

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings where we discuss a wide range of topics from books to blogging.

This week’s topic: What are the books that will always remain on your shelf?

I have a loooooong list of favorite books, but there are some of them I know I’ll never part from. Here they are:

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BTT: Rate It?!?

BTT asks: Movies have a rating system to help guide the consumer weed out adult/violent/inappropriate kinds of films. Video games do, too. Do you think BOOKS should have a ratings system?

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Break Up to Make Up: My Favorite Reunions (part 2)

Last week the post I did on breakups and the subsequent reunions was so darn popular that I’m keeping my word and doing a part 2 for you.

***Warning…Spoiler Alert for Thoughtless, New Moon, and The Edge of Never***

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Elena’s Picks: Unforgettable Fictional Couples (part 1)

When I read a book of the Romance genre, what draws me in the most is the nature of the relationship between the couple. As you all know, I read a lot of books of this genre and I’ve grown fond of some couples in such a way that it’s difficult for me to let them go. Here are some of those fictional couples that I can’t stop thinking about :

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