Fan Fiction Friday: A Bit of Housekeeping

Happy Fan Fiction Friday!! Michelle and I thought we would share some of the lighter stories we’ve been reading lately and let everyone know that a couple of WIPs that we love are now complete. We know how you guys are about reading “completed” stories…*rolling eyes*


God, I love this man in a black t-shirt... Totally not fan fic related.

God, I love this man in a black t-shirt…
Totally not fan fic related.


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Guest Post: Author Suzanne Carroll and giveaway

If you read Twilight fan fiction, you probably have read some of Suzanne’s work. She writes under the name, windchymes. I have actually recd her story, The Keepsake, here. So I posed the question about her thoughts on writing both.

Over the edge large blog tour button

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Katiebird reviews: Over the Edge by Suzanne Carroll

Over The Edge by Suzanne Carroll

over the edge book cover

Let me just say this first. I love reading and talking about books, but it’s more than that. I love being able to introduce people to unknown authors. That’s why I do this post every week. I was thrilled to be asked to become a part of the Bookish Temptations family, because I knew I was in good company with this regard. I don’t take this responsibility lightly. So when I read a book that I adore, I especially love doing what I get to do here. *big happy smile*

And it seems that Tamie and I are in cahoots yet again, because I actually wrote this post last week, right after finishing the book. Everything Tamie said on Monday’s posts about book blogs just reaffirms what I think when I decide to write a review. *happy sigh*

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