FanFic Friday: 2013 Top Ten Lists!

Happy final Fan Fic Friday of 2013! It’s been an amazing twelve months and we are so excited to share our lists of the fics that made our year. Grab a drink, check it out, and then share your faves of the year in the comments below!

Deb: I took a long fic break this year so I’m going with a Top Five. No particular order. 🙂

35+ fics we loved in 2013… after the jump!

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Fan Fiction Friday: The Other Way

So here’s me putting my pinky toe into the water…This is my first review of a “slash” fan fic. Well, maybe it would be considered “slash-lite”, there are two different sex scenes involving three people. A Ménage à trios, if you will. I’m not going to ruin it, by telling you with whom though. But I will put my big girl pants on and say that I loved this story so much, and was not put off at all by anything in this fic.

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