Fan Fiction Friday: What we are reading right now…

Hi there Fan Fic Fans!! This week Annie and I are sharing what we are reading RIGHT NOW. We’ve got some WIPs and my review of the completed story, Infinite Visibility by TheFicChick. If you need a reason to fall in love with fan fiction again, then I can’t say enough about TheFicChick’s writing.


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Fan Fiction Friday: Short Attention Span September

Hey there fan fic readers! Annie is a busy girl, like all of us at this time of year. BUT, she still has time to share with us what is worth reading. I love that about her, don’t you?

Let’s get right to it, shall we??

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Fan Fiction Friday: Spotlight on Infinite Visibility

It’s Friday again and Michelle wants to talk about a story that she has mentioned before, but this time she wants to share more. It’s that good…


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Fan Fiction Friday: What Michelle has been reading lately…

Yay!! It’s Friday and that means Fan Fiction here at BT! Michelle is back from Nashville and wants to share what she’s been reading lately. Her inbox has exploded with updates, so let’s check out her recs.

I always love when Michelle gets excited about what she’s reading…

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FanFic Friday: What We’re Reading

Happy Friday! Today we have another installment of *announcer voice* What We’re Reading! *jazz hands*

Deb: Alright, alright, alright… (I’m still in Oscar mode, apologies). Down below, Katie talks about curling up and reading during this long cold winter. For me, my brain is frozen. I can’t seem to settle to anything (this also may be to do with Mr Rob Pattinson residing and working a quick car drive away; talk about brain scrambling). I keep picking books up and putting them down, feeling a little bit annoyed a little bit frustrated that very little is grabbing me and holding on. Exhibit A:

Lots more after the jump!

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FanFic Friday: 2013 Top Ten Lists!

Happy final Fan Fic Friday of 2013! It’s been an amazing twelve months and we are so excited to share our lists of the fics that made our year. Grab a drink, check it out, and then share your faves of the year in the comments below!

Deb: I took a long fic break this year so I’m going with a Top Five. No particular order. 🙂

35+ fics we loved in 2013… after the jump!

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Fan Fiction Friday: TFMU Workshops and Chicago tour

This week Michelle is going to share with us, everything she learned from some amazing authors, at the workshops for the Twilight Fic Meet Up that was in June.  We are also going to include links to their popular stories, and I am going to review a WIP from Katinki too.

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Fan Fiction Friday: Back in the Saddle Again

Yeap. That’s right. I am here to rec a couple of stories for you, as well as, Miss Michelle, with a rec of her own. After reading the epic The Demons in My Dreams, I wanted to find a good AU story to sink my teeth into. (pun intended) Well, I definitely found one that I absolutely loved!!

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