Fan Fiction Friday: Why didn’t I read this one sooner?…

Hi kids!! It’s Meg’s post this week, and she is reviewing some really great “classic” fics that maybe you haven’t taken the time to read.

I know there are some fics on my TBR list that I am still hoping to make time for.

Take it away, Meg….


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Fanfic Friday: It’s a Free for All! Annie and I share what we’ve been reading

Welcome back and a happy Friday to you.

Today is extra special. I’m so excited to introduce you to my twitter bestie, and human fic library, Annie!! *throws confetti* We’re going to share what we’ve been reading this week and then we want to hear from YOU! Yeah, it’s a FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!

My fic reading has been all over the place this week. I’ve been reading some of the entries in the TwiKinkFest (I’m putting a extreme perv warning on that link. No joke, they mean “kink”. Proceed with caution if easily offended. For the adventurous, there be kinky fun in there.) I’m still loving the daily updates of  last week’s rec, Transcendence and today’s surprise Love in my Box Outtake.

I’ve got a very funny complete rec this week. Annie’s been reading a lot too and has two very new WIPs to share. Join us, and get last week’s poll results, after the jump!

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