Fan Fic Friday: Dude, Where’s My Fic?

Hiya! Happy Friday! Today we’re introducing a new feature inspired by YOU, our Fan Fic Friday readers. We get great comments from you; you share what you’ve been reading, you comment on our posts, and ask questions about fics past and present. Recently, there have been a number of questions that go something like this:

“I love ‘That Fic That Everyone Loved” but can’t find it anymore! What happened? Help!!”

Fics disappear for a number of reasons: authors leave the fandom, or take down their stories for personal reasons or to rework them. Often though, fics have been taken down because the author is publishing them. So many of the stories you love are out there waiting for you, edited, buffed up and ready to sit proudly on your bookshelf! 🙂 I thought it would be fun to share two of my (many)favourite fic-to-book titles and then tell you which fic I think would make a great published book. Ready? Let’s go.

My picks after the jump!

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Fan Fiction Friday: Poll Time! Work in Progress or Complete only? Plus, a Rockin’ rec

Happy Friday and welcome back to Bookish Temptations Fan Fic Friday.

Last post we talked about short, drabble type fics and how part of the appeal is in reading along as a group (twitter, facebook etc) as they update. This got me thinking about how we read fic… for instance, I tend to read a combination of works in progress and complete stories but I limit how many stories I’ll have on my ‘waiting to update’ list. Then there are those who jump into lots of different stories and have so many updates they sometimes feel like they can’t keep up. I also know some people (side eyes Tink) that insist on only reading complete. I suspect there are lots of people who follow this rule.

But how many? How many of you ONLY read completed fics?? Hmmm


I know there are arguments on both sides. On the one hand, reading a WIP is a great support for an author. Indeed, it can be very motivating for writers to hear from readers. How often have you seen as phrase like “You guys are the reason I write” in an author’s profile. So the feedback and encouragement they receive along the way is important. Plus, it’s fun to be along for the ride, chat about the fic on forums etc. On the other, fics get abandoned and the reader left hanging. Or they update so slowly that readers forget where the story left off. Or you just want to read a whole story – like you would a book. I get it.

It doesn’t have to either/or though.

The inspiration for this week’s post is my friend and fic aficionado, Tink. Like I said, she only reads completed fics. Well, last week FanFic Friday reader, Melissa, left a comment with a fic rec (Offside by Savage7289). That led me to check out Savage’s profile which led me to….


Note: not the actual name of the fic 😉

The rec, more wip talk and a very special ‘fic to print’ announcement, after the jump!

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