Fan Fic Friday: Annie’s Beardwardo Adventures

Hey there y’all! Katiebird and Michelle are busy and have left me here to run amok things. Really, they should know better by now. Of course I have pounced on the opportunity to pretty up the place. I grabbed my bae (I’m down with the kids, yo), Debb, to help me. Yay!

 Welcome to the Wonderful World of Beardy Edward

HappyBirthdayAnnie.jpg_large - Edited

(Pretend that was sparkly too, ok?)

My love for Edward is pure and true. My love for beards is dirty and lusty. Perfect combo, right? Beards are just plain manly. Picture your beloved Edward with a nice, thick, soft beard, evidence of his masculinity.  UNF. Now imagine how that nice, thick, soft beard would feel on your skin. Now you get the idea. [Debb: LoofahEdward… *eyes glaze over*]

I have gathered for you, with the help of my twitter friends, several stories with beardy Edwards. I found that some of my favorites have been pulled. *Aro voice* This is a sadness. However there are still some sexy, manly beardy Edwards out there.

Lots more, and no razors allowed, after the jump!

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Fan Fic Friday: ‘Legendary’, ‘Cake’ and Annie’s Contest Round-Up

  Happy Friday Fic Lovers!

This week, in a fit of “what do I want to read?” I reached way way back on my to-read list. Then I smacked myself upside the head because HOW IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND STOLI DID I MANAGE TO NOT READ THIS SOONER? It was perfect for my mood; sweet and saucy, swoony and mysterious, funny and eye-popping. It’s also written by the author of one of my favourite fics ever…I’m so glad I finally read…

All the goodies, after the jump!

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FanFic Friday: 2013 Top Ten Lists!

Happy final Fan Fic Friday of 2013! It’s been an amazing twelve months and we are so excited to share our lists of the fics that made our year. Grab a drink, check it out, and then share your faves of the year in the comments below!

Deb: I took a long fic break this year so I’m going with a Top Five. No particular order. 🙂

35+ fics we loved in 2013… after the jump!

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FanFic Friday: Annie’s Author Spotlight is on…

Happy Friday! Today we have another in our series of “Who What Why and Where” author spotlights.

Annie is up with her choice…

*drum roll*

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FanFic Friday: What’s Annie reading PLUS Michelle’s Excellent Fic Friend Adventure!

Happy Friday, Fic Lovers! Annie and Michelle have a fun post for you so let’s get right to it. First up, Annie, with what she’s been reading!

Hey there!

The last couple weeks I’ve been reading a lot of different things. I’ve gotten through the Age of Edward entries and voted, and I have the Lyrics to Life and Dior Rob entries lined up. You can find links and entry/voting deadlines for these and many other contests HERE. I’ve heard that some of the contests need more entries, so if you’ve ever considered writing something, this is a great time to give it a shot. What have you got to lose?

Read Annie’s recs and Michelle’s excellent adventure, after the jump!

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FanFic Friday: A New Year with Work of Art

Happy New Year everyone!! It’s really ME doing this post. I’m not hiding under the skirts of Gina or Deb this time. *peeking my head out and waving* Doing my own post was one of my new years resolutions, so here we are…

For my first post in 2013, I decided to feature a story that to me, represents the best things about fan fiction. Compelling characters, a strong storyline, and an author who loves fan fiction as much as we readers do. I found that recently while reading the completed story, Work of Art by abstract way. 

Work of Art banner

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FanFic Friday: Katie shares her 2012 Top Ten!!

Hi all! It’s that time of year. Time to look back, reflect and remember, and then make plans for the next year. It’s been a great year for fan fiction; great new stories, new authors to discover, contests and favourite fic writers making the transition to the publishing world. Katie, Annie, Gina and I wanted to share our favourite complete stories and started emailing lists back and forth. Guess what? We need two posts! There was no narrowing down our absolute favourites so, up first, we have Katie with her top ten(ish) completed fics followed by WIP wishes for the new year – the fics she’s most looking forward to in the new year. I’ve added my two cents here and there. 😉

Katie is up, after the jump!

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Fanfic Friday: Between the Covers and Close Your Eyes

So, here we are, another Friday upon us. The stories I want to share with you this week could not be more different from each other, but some how I loved them both equally. It is one of things I love most about Twilight fan fiction; there are so many choices out there. Alternate Universe, All Human, sexy, romantic, fluffy, funny, or angsty.

betweenthecovers banner

Banner by@ange_de_laube

Which brings me to my first story, Between the Covers by CosmoSydney.

This is a collaboration actually. Cosmogirl7481 and SydneyAlice.  Our Annie here recd. this back in August, so that would explain how I found out about it.  See her review here.

If you are looking for a light romantic read, this is the one for you. I loved it, because Edward and Bella meet in a library, and I have a “thing” for libraries/book stores. Something about them just gets me warm. *giggle* I blame GG’s Weight of Words and Tyler Hawkins for this. Just saying…

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FanFic Friday: Departures and Figmentum

Hey there, It’s me, Annie, all by my little self here. Today, I’ve got two great WIPs for you. I know, I know, many of you are ‘complete’ only. I understand, believe me. If you stay ’til the end I’ll have something for you too, deal?


Departures by TheFicChick
“Every day for the rest of my life, I will wonder how kissing a virtual stranger goodbye could have felt like a hello.”

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FanFic Friday: Seventh & Pine, and Practice to Deceive

Seventh and Pine by iambeagle
Eating food, drinking beer, and watching football are acceptable ways to spend your Thanksgiving Day. Wooing your niece’s insanely attractive babysitter, however, is not. EPOV