Elena and Tamie review: Utterly Loved by Kat Bastion

Utterly Loved cover

Foreword by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Sylvain Reynard. In Utterly Loved, award-winning paranormal romance writer Kat Bastion shares her poetry with the world for charity. Heartfelt poems, rich in passion and rooted in nature, transport us to misty forests and sandy beaches. What began as a private collection of poetic love letters to her husband for their twentieth anniversary, evolved into a book of poems and quotes they decided to share. Proceeds of Utterly Loved, after costs and taxes, will go directly to selected charities. They will feel Utterly Loved. Visit her website http://www.katbastion.com and her blog http://www.talktotheshoe.com for a list of charities and updates.

Utterly Loved Foreword Author Reveal…

When I first heard about Kat Bastion’s intention to publish a book of poetry, and donate the money from any sales to charity I knew I wanted to be a part of her endeavor. I’ve loved poetry for as long as I can remember, and I thought the poems I read when Kat posted some of hers were amazing. When she and I discussed how Bookish Temptations could be involved I was thrilled when she gave me the honor of revealing who the foreword author to Utterly Loved would be.

She kept it a secret at first…I had my own hopes of who it would be, and when she finally told me I was thrilled.  So without any further chit chat from me…I’ll let Kat tell you who it is and how it came about…

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Sharing something special this morning 🙂

Talk To The Shoe

Utterly Loved ~ Cover Reveal

© 2012 by Kat Bastion


The time has come for a reveal of the cover of Utterly Loved.

The intention of Utterly Loved is to touch the hearts of readers and share our love with the world through charities.  The image on the cover had to be universal.  The elegant art has an elemental beauty.  I hope you all love the cover as much as I do.

{whispers} If you’re curious who did the cover art… I did.  From the water-color painting of a crumpled piece of parchment paper, to the single tiny cut-out paper heart, to the photography, to the uploading of photos … all of which I am a novice at or have never done before … the cover art is 100% Kat Bastion.


Sharing Abundance

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