Wordless Wednesday with a C…

Hey peeps…

Today I meant to have a My Book Boyfriend post for you, featuring Kellan Kyle from the Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens. Sometimes life throws a curve ball at you, and that’s what happened to me this week. I didn’t want to just throw something together, so I’m postponing that one til next week. In its place I thought I’d do a WW post with 2 guys whose names begin with the letter C…

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Coming Up This Week (8/6-8/11)…

Here it is…Sunday evening already. Can you believe it?!?

I don’t normally work on Sunday’s anymore, but I did today, and I will be working a few more in the upcoming weeks.

Usually…I just rest, relax, read, and cook/bake on Sunday’s. It’s my unwind day.

Ok, enuff about me…let’s go take a look at what we have planned for you this week on Bookish Temptations

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Coming Up This Week (7/30-8/4)…

Did y’all have a busy week last week? Yeah…me too.

Let’s go check out what’s happening here at Bookish Temptations

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Wordless Wednesday…HOLLAH!

Has it really been three weeks since my last WW?!? *checks the calendar* Why yes…yes it has. My sincere apologies for keeping you from the pretties for so long 😉

Ok…lemme try and make it up to y’all…

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Coming Up This Week (7/23-7/28)

Happy Sunday all!

I hope everyone is feeling rested if you had the weekend off, and if you had to work I hope you’ll enjoy your days off this week.

I’ve included the BT book club reminders in this post.

We’ve got some great stuff planned for you this week. Check it out…

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Wordless Wednesday…David Gandy

***WARNING: This post contains photos that may be deemed GRAPHIC and EXPLICIT- You have been warned***

So…lots of my favorite girls on twitter…and you know who you are…have a thing for David Gandy…just like me…and they’ve all been so helpful and kind in feeding my DG addiction…so this WW is dedicated to them. Thanks Ladies… you rock my world…and my DM’s with Gandy candy awesomeness coughNedacough 😉

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Coming Up This Week…

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend if you were off, or are getting ready for some down time if you worked.

Here’s What’s Coming Up This Week on Bookish Temptations

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